Customer Feedback

We’ve sold literally thousands of pairs of attenuators and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from a lot of very satisfied customers. Here are a few of their comments.

Dear Rothwell,
Thank you for your prompt dispatch of the attenuators which I am absolutely delighted with.
I find they work best between my DAC (Theta DS Pro Mk IIIa) and pre amp (Michell Argo HR) resulting in a much more open and natural sound, similar but better than when I added a Trichord Powerblock, except that cost over 300!
Many thanks,


I feel I should let you and your company know just how pleased I am with the improvements your attenuators have made to my system.
I was, as I said, initially buying them to reduce bottom end volume. That's been achieved really well and now I have useable control over the low volumes the amp puts out, but the bonus benefit is the complete and utter removal of what I would call 'speaker hiss'.
for years I've herd this noise in quiet passages of music, or when changing discs with the system 'silent'. But its completely absent now, its really amazing how obvious it is in its absence and what a really clean sound I've got now. it really is that significant I feel.
So a big thanks to all you guys, the attenuators are far beyond the usual 'tweaks' that seem to fill the hi-fi world, they really do transform a system.

Thanks once again,

Paul H.

I've been using your attenuators on my hifi for the last couple of weeks and I have to say I'm mighty impressed by the product and the service. I placed the order one lunchtime, and they turned up the folowing morning - excellent service - but more importantly, I feel the product is a great addition to any decent hifi sytem. I concur that there is more detail and quieter background, and better imaging in the soundstage. All in all, a terrific product at a knockdown price. I would be happy to recommend this to anyone and if you wish to use this in your publicity material please feel free to do so: it is so great to find that a 40 tweak can give noticeable lift to a 10K system.

About the performance of your attenuators, they're great, I think two of my friends will order.

I just received the in line attenuators. They are beautifully crafted and work great. Thanks.

Hi there,
Just to inform that I have received the RCA attenuators & wanted to pass on some thanks. A really useful item(s), great quality and lovely pkging. They work a treat in my system - now I can actually USE the vol pot of my pre-amp at a more sensible/less troublesome setting - it has been a problem I have lived with since buying the amp new in '88.
Brilliant/top result;
Thanks again,
best regards,

I thought you might like to know that you have provided to me a product that has changed, for the better, my listening experiences from this point forward.
I live in the U.S. and own a Quad QC-24 pre-amp connected (all interconnects by Kimber) to a new Roksan Caspian power amplifier, powering Morel driven personally designed and built 17 liter sealed box speakers (speaker wires by PS audio) and filled out on the bottom by a Monitor Audio FB-110 powered sub-woofer. Front end is an elderly but still virile, Pioneer Elite PD-65
cd player. Numerous vibration damping, carpet fiber defying, interior room resonating cancelling, devices are in place as well.
When the Quad pre-amp was first hooked up, there was too much voltage between the Quad and the Roksan, and no way to attenuate. The sound was offending. I offered my problem to the "inmates" at the "Audio Asylum" forum and a gentleman from Yugoslavia, who also attempted to add a Quad QC-24 tube pre-amp to a solid state power amp, in this case a Quad unit, found great improvement placing your attenuators between the two components. To make a long, very interesting story a bit shorter, I found your web page, located your dealer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and 7 days later, wired up and ready to go, began rediscovering my entire music collection.
In any event, this is just a note to thank you for making this product and having it available on a world-wide basis.

I justed wanted to say that the attenuators are GREAT. I've been using them now for a week and they allow me to finally open up the amplifier, instead of being locked at the 8-9 o'clock position, I can now play at 10-11 'o clock without being blown away. Also the sound seems to be less stressed. So great stuff.
Kind regards,

I got the attenuators, and they work just as advertised. I was hearing lots of noise at the listening chair (balanced output digital crossover + unbalanced input amp + 107 dB horns)... but not now.
I did not have to rip apart my nice new amp.

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